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Thread: Hiking in Bulgaria

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    Hiking in Bulgaria

    Has anyone hiked in the Rodopi mountains of Bulgaria? I'm trying to conjure up a fresh-air July experience. Would rather not go via expensive trip outfit as I believe my Russian means I don't need to pay for english-speaking guides etc.

    Any advice on the place, how to get there, is it fun, cheap etc.


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    I have worked in Bulgaria quite a few times, and here are my opinions if they will help....!

    - It's cheap . Eating & drinking out is very cheap, but the food quality is poor, even though well cooked.
    - nice climate in summer
    - nice Black Sea coastline. Swimming & sand are great. But the resorts are full of cheap stuff and holiday makers from the UK & Germany on very cheapo packages.
    - the Bulgarians are very dull people
    - the countryside is OK but a bit plain. Have crossed a couple of mountain ranges by car : they are ok but not special.
    - Sofia is not very nice after dark
    - Bulgarian wines are good.

    Personally I only go there if I have to !!

    Have fun anyway.

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