Can you teach your child to read? From which age e you start. From the earliest possible moment I think. Mine was just a new born baby, being familiar first with simple lullabies, such as Rock-a-bye-baby. Simply gently intruding a young baby with basic visual colourful books at the earliest possible moment is a great start. My child’s first favourite book was about pictures of cats, with, different names, such as Bubbles, Tinker, Salt and Pepper, Smokey, Coffee, etc. He soon caught on, and soon his favourite cat was Bubbles, To this day he calls cats Bubbles, in fact our cat was re-called Bubbles, although his original name was Mooseek.

It is possible to teach a child to read children’s books by the age of four, as I did, my little girl on my first marriage did, and I have had a few young children who have learnt to read before the age of five in English. And they were Russian children. They learnt to read English before they went to Russian school and learn Russian at six. And that was the beginning of my private teaching career in Russia. As the news spread my classes began to grow

So what are the best books for our earliest readers? Let’s start building up some links.

And what are the best books for our younger ones beginning to read. I do believe the best first books are Ladybird key words. Start the first level, and gradually build up from there.

Also I do recommend the Excellent books, starting from starter level. This is is a full course of English, and specially designed for very young ones learning and reading English as a first language. It works!! Because it has worked for me. Those books progress up to pre-intermediate level. They do really work, if you teach them properly, and keep their interests.

As they progress, interesting fairy tales, Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie Te Pooh, Bob the Builder, are great interests to children. There will be many more.

Are there any interesting books that will interest to children, and will develop their reading? What were your childhood favourites? I must admit, we mustn’t forget nursery rhymes and songs of which my two year is also enjoying.

So what are your suggestions, what are good books for your child, or what were your favourites as a very young child?