Dear Americans!
I am a student of Moscow Linguistic University. For my thesis I need several Americans to fill my questionnaire. I would be very grateful if You complete this short questionnaire. The topic is connected with improvement of Russian and American relationship, especially political. Please complete it, it is anonymous! Please HELP!!! I will be happy to help You in return!

Sex: Age: Native language:
Citizenship: Education: Date:

Please read the words and word combinations and put down alongside each one the first word or word combination, which comes to your mind while reading. Thank You very much!

deep commitments
day of fire
simmer in resentment and tyranny
force of human freedom
survival of liberty
success of liberty
seek and support
every nation and culture
ultimate goal
ending tyranny
our world
freedom's cause
eternally right
dishonorable to abandon
evil is real
triumph of freedom
may God bless you