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Thread: Turkmenistan

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    DaveUKagain Guest


    National Melon Day ???

    Can anyone on earth or anywhere else tell me what`s happening in Turkmenistan ? It sounds like President Niyazov`s hat is a little on the tight side - the poor gentleman should lie down and take it easy........

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    Dave, it may be all of the dye he uses on his hair? I was in Turkmenistan in 1996. Quite a "country" VERY poor and very strange. Niyazov's picture is everywhere - on every street corner, on the national currency, etc. Our Turkmen guests were required to ensure that the first toast was alwasy to "Turkmenbashi" (Niyazov). Strike this country off of your "must see" list....

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    Zachem Guest
    Didn't Niyazov rename the days of the week to honor his relatives? As for "the cult of personality," it just stinks of North Korea there. Very sad

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    DaveUKagain Guest
    I think the hair dye`s affecting the poor fella. - but I really DO love the rotating statue of himself - klass ! And if I "fail to support Turkmenbashi, may my breath stop"....... after a melon or two, of course. ;-))) Awwwww, come on, he`s a photo negative of Idi Amin.

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    DaveUKagain Guest
    There`s apparently a North Korean government website which had me crying with laughter - if I find it, I`ll dig it out. Oh, talking of dictatorships, apparently the death sentence is carried out in China for crimes such as distributing pornography and killing a panda. God knows what happens to people who make snuff panda movies...... the family of the accused, it seems, has to pay for the bullet, too. Sounds like the last relationship I was in.

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    ReturnOfBroadmoor Guest
    If the death penalty were carried out for those who illegally kill the Amur tiger, Russia may well be able to preserve this beautiful species for future generations, and even to develop a nature tourism industry. But the death penalty is of course extreme - a better idea is to stipulate that tiger hunting is to be fully legalized - so long as the tiger is shot head on, at a range of no more than one metre.

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    my favorite was when he renamed all the days of the week. fantastic!
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    DaveUKagain Guest
    Friday left unchanged, apparently. He`ll get around to it. ;-)))) And I fully agree with Bob - I reckon the old joke about the circus act where the fella sticks his, er, more tea vicar ? - in the tigers` mouth should be a stipulation of all tiger hunting. Only way you can pop `em off. I know declare myself Turkmenbashi of Manchester, ban all tiger hunting and rename Friday to Free Beer day. Your votes are welcomed. ;D

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