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Thread: Spanish Embassy

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    Spanish Embassy

    Hey, anyone got any idea what the Spanish Embassy's website is? I'm moving there for a few months soon, and although I have a European passport I'd like to find out about my Russian friend coming to visit me for a long time, say a month or two. Anyone any idea how this is done?

    I've tried the website a few times, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Probably should just call, but that requires communicative skills!

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    I thought it was just me. I found a couple of sites that listed that link, but it wasn't coming up for me.

    I found this:

    Spanish Embassy in Moscow, Russia

    Embassy of Spain in Moscow, Russian Federation
    SecretarÃ*a de Estado para la Comunicación
    MinisterioINI De La Presidencia
    B.Nikitskaya,50/8 121069 Moscú
    City: Moscow
    Phone: (7 095) 202.26.57
    Web Site:

    The Living in Moscow book has a slightly different phone number: 202 21 61 and 202 21 80.

    Believe me, I would SO much rather have to make a phone call in my bad Spanish than in my awful/non-existent Russian. But I feel your pain.
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    all embassy staff speak english (except the russians)

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    An old post now perhaps but try:

    Spain Visa

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