I have fairly recently switched employers and due to a funny (ahem) discrepancy in my work visa status with the previous employer (innosotruknik) and work visa status with my current employer (naemniy rabotnik), I have to leave the country and get a brand new work visa. I have tried searching for an answer, but do not seem to have found what I am looking for. Could someone please help with these questions:

1) Is my only option to return to the US and receive my visa there?
2) Is it true that I will not be able to pay for 1-day visa processing and have everything done within a matter of days (read something about required waiting periods, about visas only being valid for entry 5 days after they were issued)
3) If the work visa for a US Citizen can be obtained somewhere like Kyiv/London/Helsinki, is it true that I MUST wait 7-10 days for the visa to be issued, or is it possible to get same day/next day processing?

Thank you for any advice you can offer!!