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Thread: -Valuta magazines -to reopen once more, at least for diplomats...

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    -Valuta magazines -to reopen once more, at least for diplomats...
    i thought at least the bigger embassies had their own -commissionary - shops where the diplomats could get anything that might not be available here, duty and tax free.Via diplomatic -container-?
    I still remember the times when they had -Bereoskas in town. Or the Stockmann in GUM was open to foreigners only.
    or that Swiss Shopping center (SADKO) on Krasnaya Presnya Naberezhnye who was selling in the beginning only for valuta. There was even a liquor store there were one could pay with -golden Rubles -...
    And not in ANY shop was i ever asked to show any sort of ID...
    Though one thing i do still remember, when we were in St.Petes. 2 foreigners, 2 Russians,. But we wanted all -russian price -Tickets. We two foreigners were refused. When asked why she knew, the cashier said, my GLASSES are not Russian, that time there was not that kind of import.
    And from the other, foreign, young lady she said, such clothing NO RUSSIAN WOULD EVER WEAR...
    Those were the good old times...
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