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Thread: fake electric meters/ovens/ fusebox readers are around...

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    fake electric meters/ovens/ fusebox readers are around...

    these papers are being stuck on the walls, next to mailboxes or lifts all over the palce .* where i put the xxx, there is supposed to be the address.* if something might be wrong with your meters ,safety breakers, they will - strongly - suggest that you change them. for a price that can be 3 or 4 times as much as it is supposed to be.

    and also, by phone this time, if you have at one time changed your -soviet- windows to -plastic windows, they will phone you and come and check for free, if all is ok. of course it will be not. and you will have to change the rubbers (something you can do for yourself for a 5th of their price...).
    When you have changed the windows, you got the bill from the installing company? if you call THEM, they know nothing about it. though where did the people get -my- phone number and know which brand of windows - I - have installed ?
    well, everyone is trying to make money, and not only since -now-.
    because they know, people will always fall for it and pay up...
    Same as the -Nigerian Letters -. or -investors who promise you 100% interest a year...
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    Just call to ГБУ Жилищник района ХХХ and ask politely but persistently - WTF? And they will reply, if they know. If nothing was planned, you easily send anyone ringing your door to the well-known pedestrian-sexual route.

    BTW, only gas owen owners OBLIGED to give access for inspection (as gas leakage is dangerous physical security violation of whole house), but you may require the presence of ГБУ Жилищник rep.

    Electric owen owners have NO such obligation.
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