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Thread: Getting Another Visa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Ducky View Post
    I may have to get a US phone sim like you too in order to use my US bank to buy Bitcoin with.
    My problem with the bank predated sanctions. It was caused by US banking laws. They would have shut down my account if I lived permanently anywhere in the world. Russia had nothing to do with it.

    A friend of mine sends Dollars from his Charles Schwab account to his Raiffeisenbank account in Russia on a regular basis. Uses Schwab because it isn't strictly speaking a bank and thus doesn't have to be reported to the Russian tax officials. Don't know if this interpretation is strictly true.

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    Don't you just wish you could drive into the airport and skip all the visa and passport stuff, and long walk from the parking lot and security guards and luggage inspectors and more security guards and waiting for the plane ...

    I seem to recall this video, did someone already post it? if so, my apologies for the deja vu.

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    What a stupid planet. Who are these sanctions supposed to be hurting again?[/QUOTE]
    one thing is for sure. - they - have not learned one can not piss against the wind without getting the own pants wet.
    And BIDEN has fallen off his bike, hopefully in his head he will not have now even more weird ideas...
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