for private reasons i was there very early, so i did not see the shashlik grillers, don't know it they are actually working. and when going home i went out at another gate, about 12 noon, so i did not see them at that time either. if they are there or not.
the only one i noticed, and they were there already from early morning, was the coffee and tea and soft drinks. got my dose of coffein, a really nice,and i mean also good coffee, 200 rubles for a 300 ml full Cappuccino. But not half foam and al little bit coffee. but it was,as it always was, the other way around. and coffee made fresh from beans..

down at the bottom where one can see and get all the tourist -rip off-, it is indeed a little bit more quiet.
but what i have heard, instead a - wholesaler - having 3 or four stalls, all with the same crap, they have now only one and doing the work themselves....

but the - fleamarket - downstairs, upstairs, around the whole building was full as ever.

best thing though, icecream from the GUM shop was there. at150 rubles a cone, the price was steep, BUT it is as good as it ever was.
weather was super.and when i left i saw people coming in as nothing had changed. maybe nothing has?

and just o an sidelne, fro the ISMAILOVO hotels i saw a convoi with flags ( Russian, communist,and many of them not known to me, leaving there, wherever they went. BUT what astonished me most, ONLY big SUVs, Mercedes, big Audis, and other black -tanks-. Of course the patriotic - March Slavianka - blaring out at about 1000 decibels...