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Oh, how tempting it is to get into a debate about Islam. But, as God is my witness, I won't do it. Never leads to anything.

My point was that anti-Islam sentiment in France is real and I'm not sure Macron or anyone else in France knows what to do about it. Or about the millions of French Muslims who seem to be stuck in an endless cycle of poverty. The French require that its citizens integrate, by law, and that doesn't seem to be solving these issues, either.

No, I don't think ALL anti-anything sentiment is wrong by definition. But even if I did, that doesn't change the fact that a whole lotta French are not happy about the Muslims in their country and this is one factor determining their political landscape.
Debate can always lead to something good if the participants all desire truth, and are willing to adjust their positions as they find weaknesses in their own position vis-a-vis the truth, aka reality, aka the objective state of things.
I recognize the fact you point out. No argument. And I think that sentiment fully justified.

I would stress that I think most Muslims, particularly in any country where it is legal (as is the case with pretty much any religion), are nominal believers, don't really take their religion too seriously, and most of those are peaceful and even friendly people that one could easily get along with. The trouble arises with those who really believe in the teachings of the Koran regarding relations with the "kafir", that is, us (Which used to be translated along the lines of "infidel dogs"). The Koran 3, 1:17 and 40:35 are fairly clear; "al wala wal bara" means that they are never to be truly friends with us. But again, I think a lot of Muslims, both here and in the West, don't take that seriously, and the eclectics explain it away as best they can.

Those teachings are wholly incompatible with French and Western values in general. And taqiyya gives the true believers the religious justification to cover it up. Thus, the French sentiment is justified.