The entire process took less than an hour at the multi-functional center in Metropolis shopping center on Leningradsky Shosse 16a. Docs needed were:

1. medical certificate (medspravka) that included proof of my sanity, good eye-sight and general health,
2. proof I paid the 2000 Ruble fee for the driver's license extension,
3. Russian passport (temporary or permanent resident doc for residents)
4. expired driver's license.

I signed up in advance on line to submit my docs at 11:30 and that's when I began submitting the docs. Pics were taken for the driver's license on location and it was printed out and handed to me within a half hour.

I paid 3000 Rubles for the medical certificate, done at a clinic in about 20 minutes. There are various clinics around town offering this service.

The instructions I read on line said I needed to bring photos and a signed application but these weren't needed.

The МФЦ in Metropolis shopping center is highly recommended. Spacious, few anxious pensioners, well organized and it has a coffee shop.