Any expats here looking for an excellent private Russian teacher? Mine is on the hunt for some new students, as a couple of hers have just left Moscow.

I went from an absolutely dismal beginner to strong intermediate/upper intermediate in 2 years with her. After that, with some more immersion and practice, I was able to become fluent and conduct all my business communication and friendships completely in Russian, and people are always very impressed with my ease with the language. I really believe that my progress is largely thanks to her.

She is MGU educated, and teaches very creatively, which worked very well for me - I had previously become a little frustrated with the dry, textbook-reliant Russian teaching style. She has students from all walks of life, all ages and professions, and adjusts lessons to any student's needs. If you want to focus on grammar, you can just ask her. You need survival Russian, or want to brush up on slang? No problem

She doesn't speak complicated English but has no trouble communicating with low level students. Face-to-face (Moscow) or online are both fine.

Aislu van Rain


Message: WhatsApp or Telegram

+7 905 7256704

P.S. I'm listed as a newbie here cause I don't use my old email account and had to make a new profile, but was living in Russia from 2007 - 2018.