Recently we were trying to arrange our marriage in Russia but hit a problem.
I have been married previously and required to produce a certificate of no impediment.
Unfortunately with Covid the issuing body in Scotland are all home office and were unable to supply the certificate, they did offer a 'To whom it may concern letter' but confirmed that this would be unacceptable to the Russian authorities.

Through chance I happened to stumble upon a post in Faceache whereby a Norwegian managed to marry his Russian bride in Georgia (country not state).
On further research we found that the marriage in Georgia would be recognised in Norway, Russia and the UK.
The other beauty is that neither myself or my bride required a visa for Georgia.
We soon managed to find an agent that took care of all the formalities for us and very shortly afterwards were married in Tblisi.

I would also like to state that this was not a spur of the moment mail order bride thing and we have been together for over 3 years with documented proof of our relationship and cohabitation.

Tblisi is a wonderful city and I highly recommend a visit.
Quite happy to share more details if required