Russia: Champagne now labeled as "sparkling wine"
France's champagne producers were preparing for the entry into force of an unpopular Russian law for export business to Russia. From tomorrow, they will no longer be allowed to print the Russian designation "Shampanskoye" in Cyrillic on their labels. The law signed by President Vladimir Putin in June has caused a dispute with Paris, but in the end, the French government could not prevent it.

The Russian government wants the designation "Shampanskoye" to be reserved exclusively for Russian wine houses. In the future, French manufacturers will still be allowed to use "champagne" in Latin script but will have to add "sparkling wine" in Cyrillic script on the back of the bottle a sacrilege for some in the industry.

The law was supposed to come into force earlier, but Paris was able to negotiate a postponement until the end of the year. "This enabled us to ensure that non-compliant bottles sent before July could be sold," explained the industry association Comite Champagne. According to the French Ministry of Commerce, the talks are continuing.

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