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Thread: Recovered from covid, How to get QR code?

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    Recovered from covid, How to get QR code?

    After 10 days I recovered from Covid and I got a sms about my test, Now How I can get qr code?
    I already created an account on gosuslugi, but they say My account must be verified, How??

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    AlexD, as you might have heard, the QR code won't be required in February in restaurants or other public places. My bet is that it will be quietly forgotten in 2022. So there is no rush in getting it.

    Suggest you go to your multi-functional center to get help. That's how I got onto, which so far provides the same functions (I need it to sign up for med appointments). Take your SNILS number if you have one.

    Gosuslugi won't accept me because I switched from a permanent residency status to citizenship. Thus my SNILS number isn't accepted on gosuslugi, altho accepted it after an application on line was made. Now the multi-functional center told me I need to get the problem solved with gosuslugi at the pension office. Putting that off until omicron dies down...using instead.

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