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Thread: Overall situation on Moscow rental market

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    Overall situation on Moscow rental market

    Would anyone happen to have a gauge/perspective regarding the current overall flat/apartment rental situation in Moscow? In short, would it be a lessor's or a lessee's market, or mixed? Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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    I've recently rented in Moscow, it's a bit of both,many flats on the market and many looking, some of the flats I wanted to rent had about 20 people in line, so lessor could pick and choose and in some cases there was a bidding war for the flat, the flat I rented the deal was done quick and easy, no bidding war, I needed a flat in 5 days , saw 3 and rented on 4th day.

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    Thanked: 3691 on the left side you fill in the details that you think you wlll want from a place. it will search and get you the results. When searching by Internet always type Moscow RUSSIA, otherwise you might come up with Moscow,Idaho.. and it IS a fact,anything within the Garden Ring is prohibitive, never mind the time. Ring Road,Very expensive.
    WE live since many years out here in STROGINO, I would not move to the center even if they pay me. Since we have a big, now old, dog, the 2000 ha -Nature Zone -, where we can walk, is the most important thing for us.
    You want your own place?
    what is important for you? family and children who have to go to school?
    shopping nearby?
    Nightclubs and entertainment, not that there is TO MUCH these days...
    Convenient to go to work by public transport?
    Definitely near a Metro Station.
    Do you have animals? dog? cat? think about them as well.
    if you know russian language, a good place to look for
    or get in contact with one of those people
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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