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Thread: NEW Doppler radar on Police cars...

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    NEW Doppler radar on Police cars... russian langauge.but yuhuu or yandex make a good translation. Videos and text in pictures will stay..
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    When will people learn that machines and technology are much more likelyto be used to control them, rather than give them control?

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    The people need to gain knowledge. Right now they are being controlled by government and distribution of money, they think this is to their advantage. Government has (some) people in a State of Fear with their Covid "emergency" and is keeping them from uniting against the tyranny with their institutionalization of the "racism", "sexism" "Transgenderism" "ethnicism" etc., to keep people divided and to keep them from coming together against those who are dividing them. People are being threatened with loss of income by government mandates regarding Covid (masks, vaccinations), and this also keeps them from rebelling or organizing in protest.

    Just look at the extreme measures the government is now being forced to take to maintain their empires - banning not just guns, but banning speech, banning free association, banning churches, banning peaceful public gatherings, making it a crime to refuse to alter your body chemistry. Equivalent to the government forcing a woman to have an abortion.

    Banishing people from the social marketplace, from the forum of ideas, for "wrong" thoughts.

    Media perversion of reality is becoming blatantly obvious, to everyone from the far Right to the far Left.

    A few oligarchs controlling social media, colluding with a million bureaucrats can not, in the long run (in the short run) prevent the truth from emerging to the billions of "ordinary" people.

    The "Great Masses" are seeing through the "racism" lies. This "new" thing "Covidism" is the last gasp of the government tyrannies to reign in the yearning of the world's people to be free, to have their liberty. Just as AH used "the Jews" to justify the totalitarian state, so today does the government employ "Covidism" to justify a Medical Monarchy. "Covidism" as the attempt by the ruling establishment to suppress "populism" to prevent the people from gaining knowledge. But the ruling authorities can not suppress the spread of information, as they could 100 years ago when all we had to rely on for our "news" was war-mongering, fear-filled yellow journal newspapers.

    Once the people gain knowledge, the tyranny will disappear.

    I foresee by 2025
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