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Thread: Interested in saving dome money? Shopping tips from a Chef

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    Interested in saving dome money? Shopping tips from a Chef

    Shopping tips from a Chef!

    Being a Chef I am naturally interested in prices and products. Of course
    I am also interested in quality and availability of goods. And the shopping- and
    Eating habits of normal people and how they have changed over the years.
    Shopping has been made rather easy over the years .It seems to me, that many things are pre-sliced, pre-packed and even pre-cooked. One just has to take it
    home, pre/re-heat and eat.

    But one pays a heavy price for all that convenience. Prices for fruit and
    vegetables re on average 20-25% more expensive than on the open market. You
    pay for the convenience of pre-sliced and wrapped up bread The Deli does not
    marinate the kebabs for free or sell all these nice salads for cost. Maybe not fair to the supermarkets but i never buy any -marinated- whatever. Anyone who was reading -Master and Margarita - will know what -second freshness - means.

    And the small tomatoes at the bottom of the shelf,have the same taste as the big ones at eye
    level, but might be much cheaper. I wonder how Ďfreshí the fruits and
    vegetables really are? You can be sure that they are fresher from the local vendor at
    the market. Most of them are selling their produce on small street stalls with no
    refrigeration. That means they have to sell fairly quickly otherwise their wares get
    spoiled. Moreover, who buys rotten tomatoes or brown bananas. And the fruits and
    vegetables look good and fresh.

    Here are a few easy tips on how you can save substantial, amounts of money and time, on your trip to the supermarket:

    1. Do your bulk shopping once a month, if you have that money and storage space.

    2. If you have a freezer fill it up with seasonal specials. Get together with a friend or two and buy meat in bulk at your local butcher. Iím sure he will gladly cut it up
    and wrap it portion sized.

    3. You have friends with a few fruit trees around the house? Most of them (the
    friends...) will gladly share the surplus fruits with you.

    4. Have you thought of baking your own bread? Not with the method your
    Grandma did! Though still it is the best! And i bake my bread this way. All any any -local - flour will do just fine. Only for making Appelstrudel i buy the fully imported -Nordic - flour. I found it is best for making the elastic strudel dough. it has a higher gluten content. BUT that comes with a price...
    Fully automated Bread makers? You find at the appliance store small, one loaf electric units.
    Instructions are simple and, with no heavy mixing and kneading needed. Throw
    all the ingredients into the - oven -, set the timer and next morning you have a fresh
    loaf of fresh bread .

    5. Time is money, also yours! Plan your shopping first at home. Donít go to the shop
    for every item that you run out of .Make a note already before you are out of the last
    bar of soap or scrape the bottom of the sugar tin.

    6. Make a shopping list and stick to it what you are going to buy. Divide the list into
    five categories:

    Fruits and vegetables
    Meat and meat products
    Dairy and bread
    Cleaning material

    On top of each list put what you NEED and at the bottom what you WANT. As an experienced shopper you will know more or less what your weekly grocery bill will be. (You do have a book where you put in all your income and expenses, ?!)Take only that amount of money with you. Take a calculator and add up the sum while you are loading your trolley. If you have all that you NEED and there is still money left, then buy the items that you WANT.If then there is still some money left,treat yourself at the deli counter, you deserve it! Do not forget the ice cream for the kids....

    5. Do not take your kids with you (or add 10% to your shopping list, if you are lucky).Zou know what all this nice chewing gums, little chocolate bars and the likes are being called that hang befor on millions of shelves and hooks right before the till? - Quengelware -, -nagging or begging goods-. -Mummy just ONE chewing gum-, while waiting your turn in the long line..

    6. Never shop on an empty stomach, your brain tends to turn off when your
    stomach grumbles and your eyes see all that nice food on the shelves.

    7. While it does not matter to much, many people are working 2 days on and 2 days off,If possible, donít shop on a weekend, Monday, Tuesday mornings are quiet most of
    the time,BUT buy fruits and vegetables on Friday or Saturday morning. It DOES happen that you might get the -left overs - from the weekend on Monday. Special if the delivery truck might be late or stuck in the traffic jam. Many a hyper does have not much storage space. and depend on -just in time - delivery.

    8. The most expensive items are ALWAYS stored at eye level, no-name-or store
    brands are as good or better and you get some free exercises from all that bending
    down to the bottom shelf or stretching to the top.

    9. Most supermarkets with their own bakery have a bread slicer somewhere tucked away. Find it, buy whole
    loaves only and slice them yourself. be nice to the bakery workers, say please and thank you and they might slice the brad for you?

    10. Bring your own shopping bag. You think all these plastic bags you are
    using are for free? Wishful thinking Besides, how many times have you cursed
    these thin and flimsy bags,when they spilled all your goods on the parking lot or the
    front porch because they broke or the bottom fell out?

    11. Does it pay to check while the cashier is ringing up the total? yes indeed it does. how many times have you thought, THAT item is so cheap,I must have it! Only to be told by the cashier, well someone has just put it there, the price is much higher. And more often than not indeed it does happen. BUT not less does it happen that the -shelf -attendant has not adjusted the prices on the shelves, the stickers show some older price. but the computer the new one...but in all fairness i also must add, when there was a mistake, i never had any problems to get my money back.

    While still new and considered somewhat 'exotic' what about shopping with /via the Internet? You only click on the items you need and when you come home from work all your shopping has been done for you. In the beginning you might not have always the exact brand or size of an item you want but e-retailers are learning quick. Become a regular and spend the time saved from shopping for something more interesting!

    And what are you going to do with all that money that you saved: go shopping of

    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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