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Thread: Black-eyed babies

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    Black-eyed babies

    Whether it's true of not, there have been no long-term studies of the side-effects of the vaccine, nor their effect on pregnant women.

    In Israel, for example, FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE account for 85-90% of the hospitalizations for Covid.

    This is not about a virus. It's about the government controlling your body and your mind.

    Typical leftist strategy - control your mind through your body. Fill you with psychotropic drugs, starting as a child, your body feels good. Then later, your mind rationalizes the "necessity" of the drugs. You are "complete".

    Lost, of course, discarded on the Josef Mengele Road to Ruin, is the spirit.

    Google (the Google Doctor??) says, in answer to the question "Are there any long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccine?"
    "Serious side effects that could cause a long-term health problem are extremely unlikely."

    Ignoring the disaster that occurred with Thalidomide. And, "Doctor Google" perverts the basis of the question. In reality, there are have been NO long term studies of the deleterious side effects of Covid vaccinations because there has not been enough time for any long-range studies to have occurred. Who is conducting them? Big Pharma? No. They are more interested in gathering up piles of money. Big Medicine? No. They are more interested in ascension to world dictatorship. Big Tech? No, they are more interested in delegitimizing and criminalizing truth-seekers and freedom of expression.

    The medical establishment has gone far beyond the corpse-strewn experiments of Dr. Mengele.

    Big Medicine and Big Pharma are drugging schoolchildren and adults by the millions, ignoring the resultant rise in autism and other mental and physical defects.

    Doctor Google also claims: "Vaccine monitoring has historically shown that side effects generally happen within six weeks of receiving a vaccine dose." Another twisting of reality into a knot. If "monitoring" stops at 6 weeks, it ignores what happens after 6 weeks. Where ARE the long-term studies? Of any drug? More importantly, where are the long-term studies of any drug which ALTERS our genetic code? Studies by any group or individual who is NOT beholden to Big Pharma or Big Medicine?
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    wHO was or is fully vaccinated in Israel? -Arabs-? -Palestinians-?people, the ones with the -Streimles and big black fur hats - who are absolutely against it. Only those 3 groups i mention here are a quite big part of -Israel- who are not vaccinated and are sick now.
    it is also a fact, and that includes here in Russia the SputnikV vaccine, NO vaccine gives you a 100% protection. And why do get -fully vaccinated - people catch the bug and get sick? because they become careless. -i am vaccinated, nothing can happen to me-. and off they go, having a good time.Why are infected people becoming younger and younger? the bug wants to live. that is his purpose.and i na dead host, the bug also dies. therefore it mutates and is looking for new victims. many of the old are vaccinated. not much chance there. others were sick and have recovered. their body also has the anti -genes - and no chance for the bug either.So, he is finding -younger - and -younger - victims... as simple as that..
    what about that much touted -1 pill a da- medication? a -fake-.. while it was indeed only ONE medicine in ONE pill, probants who were used, had to take up to ( pills over the course of a day. there were some, i think, 400 people, i would have to go back and check, who took part in that -experiment-. half got a -placebo- and NOTHING else. no vaccination nothing. the other half got the pills. in the end the -experiment was stopped. the pills had to many side effects, and the doctors said we can not be responsible for so many deaths of the other group who got nothing. that -one pill- cure is also utopia..
    what about that clown who claims he cured himself in a few days with tablets, pils, steroids and some vitamins? why would one need and take steroids for that? my guess might rather be, and this is my guess only, he had covid still i nthe beginners state. and all this tablets and things he took, let his immune system work overdrive? and that cured him of the bug as well? but as i said, this is my guess.
    go to look for -Kekules Corona Kompass. the TEXT versions. it is there with all the links that are needed. many of the links are in english langauge. but the original podcast that goes on now 3x a week for nearly 2 years, just copy,paste into a translator, if you dont understand german. this is the only one i am listening to. because the Virologe and Professor, Kekule, and the moderator of the podcast, camillo Schuhmann, make sense to me when they talk. no teaching, no preaching, no shouting and touting this or that. just facts. and for everything they talk, there are links. had we done only half of that what these two say since almost 2 years now, all that crap that we are in now would not be there and needed.
    by the way that -last - variation- of the bug, that -MU- thing, was so rar and most probably will be a -no show-. in Columbia it was -found first, -we also found one-. it was quite bad there. but that was it. so far in Germany not one found case was reported... this was from his last podcast, a few days ago.i always listen on youtube. or mdr.a german radio station... 225 is the last issue of the programm. and from here you can either listen to it or read it as text version. and translate if one does not understand German...
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