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Thread: Covid vaxx given incorrectly, danger!

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    Covid vaxx given incorrectly, danger!

    If you trust the government you obviously failed history class. " George Carlin"

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    i assume if a DOCTOR or trained person are doing this, they would know from Anatomy classes where the blood vessels are? and not stick a needle there? after all, how many MILLIONS got the jabs?and how few have got that heart inflammation? BUT i might agree, when doing the jabs in supermarkets, railway stations, or whatever other places, one might not always have 100% trained people doing it. medical students? but to me that whole clip is a little bit -sensation-. Covid is on,what, 2 years? and only NOW the good doctor comes out with his -findings-? does he need some PR? was he on CNN for that reason? why not o nFox news as well? both of them for sure bring the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.. as long as it suits them and brings ratings...
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