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and since it is a long article, i wrote it some 20 years ago, when i was still writing for a newspaper, i divided it into 4 sections...

Food, Lust and Sex
(2276 words)

Part one

Cleopatra preferred pearls that were disolved in vinegar. She also had a daily bath in donkey's milk to keep her skin soft and subtle for her lovers Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar.
We are told cinnamon was the attar used by Queen of Sheba to captivate King Solomon. Samson courted Delilah with fragrant almond branches. Ancient Persians perfumed almonds in jars with flower petals before using them in desserts.
A cousin of the gladiola, the ginger's pure white blossoms are thought to be a love potion, because a woman wearing the aromatic bloom is so alluring. Egyptian traders originally brought it to Rome as an aphrodisiac.
Elisabethianen Brits thought so highly of dried prunes that bordello operators offered them free to their patrons.
And even now science is hard at work at these substances that apparently make life more fun.
At one or the other time or age many thing were praised for their ability to do better or more often or with greater virtue, what comes naturally to most of us.
It might have been a soup made from eels, Juice of squashed ants, bamboo sprouts or Anchovies. Alternatively, an egg yolk in Cognac, marinated dates, Estragon, fennel, bucks perm (interesting how to collect THAT). Also simpler things like capers, caviar, salmon, mackerels, horseradish or parmesan were thought and sought to increase one's virility. Than again a few more exotic items, testicles from goats or bulls, prepared with milk and sugar, for sure must be good! Did you know?
In the Far Eastern cultures aphrodisiacs were and still are very popular because sexuality is a part of life and living and not something done only behind locked doors and the lights turned off.
Cloves, because of the shape, are considered an aphrodisiac for males, especially in Asia.
Indonesian parents plant a clove tree when they bear a son, so both will prosper as they grow up together.
Basil - Hindu males say it is an aphrodisiac because it resembles the female organ.
During the antique epoch swan necks with a little bit of wine and the sweat of a female horses were the absolute sex hit. And for the poorer classes it was red beets, boiled cress dried and pulverised liver or the one or other root boiled in goat's milk.
Ladies in Upper Egypt swore to pills made of cinnamon and honey to increase their lust.
Even the Gods residing in the clouds on Mount Olympia needed some help to get their tired heroes back to action and full size. Love goddess Aphrodite herself used a concoction of the aforementioned herbs and spices.
In mythology, the dainty nymph Mente was turned into greenery by her envious rival, Persephone, wife of Pluto. Pluto found Mente irresistible, particularly her aroma. Hence, mint was thought to be an aphrodisiac.