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Thread: cost of living i nRussia, average prices...

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    cost of living i nRussia, average prices...
    when the site is working, it stopped ( froze) 3x with me, you can add prices from your town,city or village...
    Transport for sure is outdated here for Moscow. a single ticket for the bus or metro is 50 Rubles. and even with the Troika it is 40...
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    Interesting numbers, thanks.

    There aren't all that many decent 3 bedroom apartments for rent inside Moscow city limits for 66 k. Same for the regions; at 40 k for a 3 bedroom the choices are few. But for a bargain hunter willing to rent a small space, one on the bottom floor or in a panel style building, it can be done. Probably 3 bedrooms start at 70 k and go up from there.

    Likewise, apartments selling for 171 k Rubles per m2 in Moscow are few and far between. Same for 107/m2 for the oblast. I'd put the starting price per m2 at 250 k Rubles in Moscow and 150 k in the regions, for finished apartments. I've seen sources that say Moscow apartment prices average 380 k Rubles/m2. Lots out there at this price...

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