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Thread: First floor apartment

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    First floor apartment

    Hello everybody! I recently moved to Moscow under HQS. Now I'm looking for a place to rent. Wanted to get your views about the apartments on the first floor. Should I be worried about burglars, noise, privacy etc.? Any locally specific hits and tips will be much appreciated. Speaking about Tverskoy district near Mayakovskaya station.

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    You would have to worry about noise and fires more, you see most first floor apartments have bars on the windows, they have a lock so they can be opened but what happens if you lost the key? I don't think there are many first floor apartments in that area anyway so think second floor.
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    Well, if i remember correctly, there was a difference between america first floor and european cirst floor.

    America first floor was european 2 floor because america doesnt count ground floor.

    My apt in moscow is on the first floor so its the ground floor becUse my place is in a five stoery walk up and there are four floors above me.

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    it it is in a building with a concierge, i would not mind. thy keep the palce clean, make sure no one is throwing papers from the mailboxes on the floor . but into the bin. the concierge keeps the scum out, makes sure no one, dog or cat or human makes a mess by the mailboxes or under the stairs. and once i na while a good box tea or coffee and your palce, and you, are safe.... but no concierge, no ground floor. BUT ALSO NO LAST FLOOR. many buildings have flat roofs, isolation is often worn out or badly repaired. and you always have problems with water ( when it is raining heavily or snow and ice thawing). and, though so far i have heard of nothing at least in the highrises. you might get visitors when you are not at home... via the roof and your balcony...
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