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Thread: Is everyone in America insane?

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    Is everyone in America insane?

    If you trust the government you obviously failed history class. " George Carlin"

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    No. Some ppl looked reasonable, at least in 2015.
    All the world's Kremlin,
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    one thing is for sure. it needs a lot of monkeys to fill up the human zoo. and any country has their share for sure...
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    This one struck home for me, only a few miles from here. I was at a similar crossing last week. It's on a little elevation, sloped up and down. The pavement is very cracked and broken, you have to slow down almost to a stop, and crawl over the crossing or else your car will take suspensions jolts. There was a train stopped about 100 feet away, so I went over the crossing. I looked BOTH ways before crossing and waved at the two men standing by the stopped train. I often see trains stopped there, waiting to get into the trainyard about 5 miles down the line. Maybe they were fixing the signal? But they always seem to work fine.

    I wonder if she was on her cell phone? How do get so engrossed in your cyber-life that you get hit by a train? That is one story I would be ashamed to ever tell anyone ("Yeah, I got hit by a train, I was such a dumb-azz. I was on my cell-phone, texting with Bozo the Clown...How as I supposed to know there was a a train coming? I didn't see any warning on my "smart" phone!")

    "...Samantha Vargas was driving southbound on Road T... and did not yield at the railroad crossing...." ("Hey, why didn't the train yield to me?")


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