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Thread: Proof of no criminal record -US citizen

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    Proof of no criminal record -US citizen

    Hi to any US citizen in Russia who can help me. I am getting Permanent Residency in Russia. I need proof that I have no criminal record in the USA. To whom do I write or call in the US to get this? All help appreciated. Thank you, Barbara

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    First you need to get your fingerprint check done. Here are instructions from the US Embassy about where and how to do it. There is only one place where fingerprints are done in Moscow that can be accepted by the FBI, at the International Organization for Migration.

    This site shows your options to get the criminal records check done (also called identity history summary check)

    Then you need to get the criminal records check apostilled by the US Dept of State. This site shows your options:

    I used services for all these steps and got it done fairly quickly, in a matter of two or three weeks. But that was a few years ago. Don't know how fast things work now, with COVID going on. As a back-up, I also submitted a second application for the background check by mail. It was approved over a three month period. So if you apply directly by mail without a service, suggest you try to find out how long the approval process takes.

    I also had the apostilled criminal records check sent to my US mailing address. From there, I had it DHL'd to Russia. I found at the time that these services could quickly mail out docs in the US, but not overseas. So this sped things up as well.

    After you get the apostilled doc here in Russia, you take it to a Russian notary for the translation.

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