On July 30, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree abolishing the mandatory wearing of gloves in transport, shops and other public places. The use of masks remains mandatory under this decree.

Sobyanin explained the decision to cancel the mandatory wearing of gloves on his website by the fact that thanks to mass vaccinations and other preventive measures, the number of new cases of covid, compared to the peak values ​​of the second half of June, decreased 2.2 times, and the number of hospitalizations - 1.6 times. According to the Stopkoronavirus.rf website, on July 30, 3,481 new cases and 76 deaths from covid were registered in Moscow.

i just copied and yuhuu translated, and there is no mistake, that part out from the whole article.
here is the whole thing in Russian langauge. and interesting Sobyanin with mask AND gloves... a picture one does not see to often..