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Thread: you still have an OLD OLD Super Mario somewhere floating around?

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    you still have an OLD OLD Super Mario somewhere floating around?

    an, unknown, collector paid at an auction 1.3 Million Euro for a Super Mario 64.... the article is in German from Computer Bild magazine....
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    Unopened, sealed "Super Mario 64" was going for north of $10,000 on ebay recently:

    Also of value are the old Atari and Commodore 64 games on cartridges. Look for the Pacman and Ms. Pacman games, too.

    At the auction, I see a lot of these, I used to get them for $1 each, but now there are antique collectors who bid them up. Usually the parents pay for the PlayStation and Xbox stuff, they get it for the kids. They are too young to know about Commodore and Atari, the old Nintendo. I'm always hoping the auction is small and no one else knows this "old trash" is worth money.
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    Wow! So much for the game of my childhood. But at one time this game was top-end, and now it remains one of the best.

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