Issue 205, mdr podcast....
it is in German langauge, but on their website it is also in written form. and can be translated into english.

in particular-
air filters in classroom? effective or not? interesting answer.

vaccination of -Children -.A study done in MOSCOW. findings?

( not so new) medication,from the USA ,not vaccination, fighting the bug.when already sick and in hospital.4000 $ for a few vials? the -poor- countries for sure will not have the money.

the original -WUHAN typ virus. without all this mutations could the original just have disappeared and there would have been NO pandemie?

Professor Kekule a Virolog from Halle in Germany is the only person that makes sense to me and i am listening to. no -we have a problem- type. not preaching with raised voice and fingers pointing. AND both of them, the moderator Camillo Schuhmann and the Professor, speak in a language also a -no expert - ( like me) can understand.
had -we- or -our governments- but even more the -expert advisors - done only half what those two are now nearly preaching like a a mantra, all that crap that we had,still have and whatever is still to come, for sure would not been needed.