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Thread: Does the June 15th extension apply to me?

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    Does the June 15th extension apply to me?

    I entered Russia mid-April 2021 on a 3 month business visa so I need to leave mid-July 2021. My plan was to fly out of Russia in a few weeks then to apply and hopefully receive a new 3 month visa and then re-enter Russia. Does the June 15th extension mean that I overstay my visa without penalties? If I can use this law would I need to apply for a visa extension? I'm trying to understand who can use this law, and how; and what are the consequences of doing so.

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    Looks like this law won't apply to you. I was hoping to re-enter Russia on my tourist visa that expires in mid-July and getting my stay extended while applying for a TRP. Got this clarification from the head of the visa division at the Russian embassy in Washington: "No. This is possible only in case you arrived in Russia before March 15, 2020. You will have to leave the country before your current visa expires and get a new visa in the U.S."

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