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Thread: Biden confuses Putin with Trump

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    Biden confuses Putin with Trump

    Sloe Joe thought he was meeting with President Donald Trump?

    “I watched a fragment of the broadcast of President Tra ... Putin,” the American president began to say.

    Earlier in April, the President of the United States was unable to pronounce the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin the first time during a speech on relations between the countries. The American leader started talking and said something unintelligible, like "President Clutin."

    It's not the first eyebrow-raising blunder Biden has made — at a March press conference, he called Vice President Kamala Harris "President Harris."

    On the campaign trail in 2019, he also acknowledged a "Freudian slip" when he called Trump "President Hump," as The Washington Post reported.

    The Alzheimer President. He gets real presidents, like Putin and Trump, mixed up.
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