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Thread: US citizens living abroad /expats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freud View Post
    I've used PayPal mostly for ebay purchases and haven't had any problems with them. I'm just leery of using them for anything important because I don't think they are held to the same strict guidelines as banks. I have read some horror stories of other people's problems but it's been a while and I forget the details. Basically, though, they can make arbitrary decisions and you don't have the same recourse you would with a regular financial institution.
    Exactly. I don't use PayPal for high priced items for sales or buys especially on ebay. Too many scam sellers and buyers.

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    But who knows what is coming down the pike. China is going cashless, India soon to follow. Russia is now snooping into your bank accounts, from what I hear, posted here on the forum. And the US is keeping a close eye on your bank accounts, too.[/QUOTE]

    already many years ago, when working in South Africa, i had very little to no cash on me. Rent i paid by cheque. And for all the rest i had -company- cards. gas for the car, a Caltex card. at that time the dominant filling station...for shopping -OK bazaar-, somethign like Auchan here in Russia, a company card. Clothing -Hepworths-, a company card. AND got always notice a few days BEFORE the summer or winter sales begun. The discount was not shown yet in the shops but was then on the card...Only -money - was on Saturday night for the thick weekend Sunday Times - newspaper and the -Estoril bookstore. He had all new books and ,under the counter, wrapped nicely in cling wrap, the American Playboy and Penthouse...
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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