So like this isn't strictly about photography but this section is pretty empty so it's not like I am clogging it up. I have been watching different webcams in Russia for years. Some of them have turned off, like in Tver. But there's still quite a few that I like. It's amazing how many cameras are available for just anyone to watch.

My favorite is Медвежьегорск. You can see the train station and the bus station. There's a cafe just below the camera. Before COVID, you'd see a constant stream of cars and taxis at night with people walking out with numerous cups of beer. And there were numerous drunken fights and brawls. You were guaranteed to see fights on New Years. The camera used to point down more but they repointed it when they started the renovation of the town square. I wish they would point it down again.

Glazov has a nice camera system. They just replaced their camera overlooking the city square and river. It provides really beautiful sunrise pics at certain times of the year. Also, I like to watch the cams at the bus stop near the bridge. They are really clear.

Another one I like is Vorkuta. Their cameras have an automated pan/tilt/zoom routine so you get a wider view. Camera 2 is best. Also, Vorkuta is pretty far North so they have more snow than most places.

Anybody else got any cams to share?