the City, as owners, wanted to have more, the -renter -the Aliye Parusa Chain, wanted to pay less. The beginning of the chain, to make it easier, i call it AP, begun with a small supermarket out here in Shchukino. near the Metro station. and was not even called AP. Next a few smaller shop, opening one by one, called Aliye Parusa, the -Scarlet Sails- followed. And soon the first big shopping centers, build by her sons, DONSTROI. But only out here in Shchukino and Strogino.
They wanted to be -elitnaya - Supermarkets, the way Stockmann was. ...In the meantime, Globus opened, Aushan on every corner. And AP lost out big.
Why do i need sugar, imported, for 120 rubles.When local sugar for 34 Rubles is as sweet. and AP made the mistake, they wanted to have everything of everything, but to expensive...
AP was sold, the owner, a nice old lady, is enjoying the sun now in the south of France.
AP was and is taken over one by one by the -Perekrestok - shops. A low to medium priced chain of Supermarkets,also on every corner.
many years ago, when Yeliseek´vsky still had their own meat production, i went tere specially to by sausages.Kupati that is. The only palce in town where they did it how they are supposed to be done. Not even at the Tishinsky Grusinsky Rinok did they have them.
But Yeliseevsky became more and more a tourist -trap -. The same as the GUM. Seldom one could hear a local voice...
Yeliseyevsky did a makeover on the shop floor. But whoever had seen the storage and working conditions underground, will wonder to this day, how COULD hey get away with it for so long...
The two big -flag stores - near the Shchukino Metro station have been closed and have been taken over by, in one place a -food court- and Perekrestok supermarket. And the other, in the Shuka Center, it runs also under the same logo. One of the AP shops out here in Strogino is still waiting for the make over. And the second one, just around the corner where i live, is ready to open in a few days time. Half the palce though has been divided already with about 20 little shops. Meat, vegetables, dairy, dry fruits, watchmaker,flowers..All under one roof, though each with their own -Kassa-.

Will I miss them? or the Yesilevsky? No..