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Thread: though i would take the article with a -pinch of salt- for the following reasons...

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    though i would take the article with a -pinch of salt- for the following reasons...

    people by a tick collar and think, hurrah, that is it. no more worries about ticks and fleas and other assorted creepy crawlies.
    does your dog like to go into the water? reduces the efficiency of the flea collar. BAYER says 6 month or 9 month protection.... when we go to the dacha or into the forest -for mushrooms- WE take extra protection and precautions for us and the dog.
    do i use this kind of tick collar? no, for the simple reason we found one that does not cause an -allergic reaction on Jhinn. -Killticks- also from Bayer, and we use it since years without any problems or adverse reactions.
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    The top three reviews on Amazon say their dog had serious complications. One guy tried it on another dog - same bad reactions. Neurological problems.
    (Click on where it says "43,596 ratings")

    Our Australian Shepard developed severe itching and became very irritable after installing this Bayer Flea and tick collar. She started running into walls in our home and became very delirious. Contacted Bayer on their emergency telephone number on a Sunday afternoon and they were very helpful. Had to bath Zoey three times with Dawn detergent and remove the other collar off of Gabby, who had no reaction, but had the oil from the Bayer collar. Poor Gabby also had to be bathed three times with Dawn detergent. After three more days Zoey fully recovered. Be very careful with this collar. It put us through pure hell.

    We used to remove ticks from the dogs by pouring a little kerosene on the tick, it loosens it up and then you can pull it off. They get really fat and bloated! Bloody messy when they burst!

    Any chemical you put on your skin is not doing you anything beneficial. For instance, take shampoo. The shampoo has a chemical to make it shiny, a chemical to make it fragrant and smell nice, a chemical to make it foamy, a chemical to make it a nice color...all of these chemicals, if ingested, are poisonous. When you use shampoo, some of these noxious chemicals are absorbed through the skin into your body, much like the chemicals in the dog collars. And did you ever try to dye your hair? I would get headache after dying my hair, hair dye contains a lot of horrible chemicals. I use horse shampoo (Mane & Tail) but even that has some funny ingredients.
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    Why anyone would trust Bayer is beyond me. They now own Monsanto one of the most evil companies in the world.
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