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Thread: Sberbank Debit Card Funny Business

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    Sberbank Debit Card Funny Business

    Both my wife and daughter have had problems with their Sberbank debit cards recently. My daughter got two SMS messages saying someone had requested money be transferred from her account to a web site, one for 20 k and the other for 10 k Rubles. Luckily, my daughter had insufficient funds and cancelled her card. Then, my wife had a phone call from someone saying they were from the bank, also saying an attempt was made to transfer cash out of her account. The caller had her account info, phone number and other info. When he offered insurance against credit card fraud, she hung up. She also got an SMS with a number that would have allowed her to approve the transfer. She too didn't have much cash on the account and is getting a new card. She uses the "Mir" debit card.

    We're in touch with Sberbank and are trying to figure out why this is happening. I have a feeling it is caused by the transfer of cash to people's phone numbers on Sberbank, but it's only a hunch. Keeping my cash in Sberbank low and thinking of switching to Raiffeisenbank or Tinkoff...

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