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Thread: Home and agricultural insect control methods

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    Home and agricultural insect control methods

    Rodents and insects are spread with the advent of the summer, which provides them with the appropriate heat to reproduce, and many homeowners and farms suffer from them and may not find the appropriate way to eliminate them, so in this article you will learn about the methods of controlling rodents and household and agricultural insects that will help you eliminate them

    Household pest control:
    Household insects spread in damp and dirty places and holes and multiply in them, and there are many methods that enable you to eliminate them and one of these methods

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    1- Using vinegar:
    Vinegar can get rid of crawling insects because it has a strong insect repellant smell by mixing concentrated vinegar with water and then spraying it on places where crawling insects are in your home or by spraying diluted vinegar alone on places where crawling insects exist

    2- Cleaning the house periodically:
    Cleaning the curtains, floors, furniture and bedrooms daily with good detergents from dust, dust and dirt eliminates the incubating environment for crawling insects because they multiply in dirty places

    3- Draining permanent water sources:
    The constant presence of water in your home attracts crawling insects and provides a suitable environment for some insects such as mosquitoes that lay their eggs on stagnant water, so it is very important to dry out permanent water sources to prevent the reproduction of these insects

    4- Use of boric acid:
    Using boric acid or sodium borate powder saves you from some household insects such as ants by spraying it at the entrances of the ants and the paths they walk in or by mixing boric acid with flour and then spraying it in those places

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    5- Getting rid of garbage always:
    Garbage is a fertile environment for the reproduction of some types of insects, so it is very important that the garbage bag does not stay in your home for long, and whenever the garbage bag is full, throw it in the trash can outside your home and then clean the garbage bin with water before using it again
    Also, always get rid of food residues because it is a suitable environment for the reproduction of insects

    6- Using aromatherapy:
    Aromatic odors contain chemicals that negatively affect the nervous system of insects and help you get rid of insects by spraying these scents on insects in your home.

    7- Ventilate the house daily:
    Ventilating the house on a daily basis by opening all the windows in your home and allowing the sun's rays, especially in the morning, helps you eliminate household insects with emphasis on airing the clothes and cleaning them from the smell of sweat and not putting them in the closet before that.

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    8- Remove lawn debris:
    The accumulated debris from unnecessary materials in your home garden or dam is a suitable place for insects to breed, so remove it and clean its traces immediately

    9- Mixing soap with water:
    You can use a soap and water solution to eliminate some types of household insects, such as cockroaches, by mixing bath soap with water and then spraying it on the insects. A drop or two of the solution can eliminate the cockroach.

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