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Thread: Project Veritas leaks photos of immigrants

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampwiz View Post
    I don't consider the FREE CASH he has been giving me to be a "mess".
    It's not "free" it is added to the national debt. I hope you like the taxes that are going to come with it and his Rebuild America plan of infrastructure work. Which very little of the $2 trillion dollars goes to roads and bridges. I wonder which bridge building company Hunter Biden will be working for.
    If you trust the government you obviously failed history class. " George Carlin"

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    Glen beck had an interesting idea the other day. Many of his ideas are dumb, but this one really jumped out.

    As everyone knows, digital currency is trendy and it's the future. Also, america feels like it is behind china In many ways, digital currency one of them.

    So, the idea is that America is going to implement a digital currency in the next 2 years. He says it's before midterm elections, so the plan is seemingly foolproof.

    The plan has depth. The idea is to devalue the dollar and move to digital usd or DUSD. But not at a 1:1. There will be varying percentages if you are rich or black or white. This is going to makeup for systemic rascim and past transgressions. If u don't turn in ur paper usd, then eventually, it will lose all value. Countries will go along with this because much of their debt will be wiped out and most world trade is conducted in dollars now.

    So, it's brilliant. Start a conflict with russia, just enough to draw more lines in the sand, then change the game regarding dollars, and if russia doesn't switch, it will be "robbed blind".

    Also, this will essentially dry up the excess liquidity that has been injected into the market.

    The idea continues, but it's hard and annoying to type on a phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by americaninmoscow View Post

    The idea continues, but it's hard and annoying to type on a phone.
    I hate text messaging. To me, it lacks the human connection. It's a terrible means of person-to-person communication. Consider face-to-face, you are in touch with the other person in all five senses (more, actually). With the telephone, at least you can relate emotionally to the other person through your sense of hearing. Text messaging, all you have is words - symbols which may be wrongly interpreted and lessen understanding. Text messaging is like getting a letter from an attorney.
    "Defund the Social Sciences." - Fantastika, 2020

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