We have the Six-Million Dollar Girl here at the local high school, Macy. 5'4" tall, but pound-for-pound the strongest girl in the state. She can run faster than anyone else on the basketball court, pop in a 3 from downtown, swishes short jumpers effortlessly, steals the ball from behind your back, is off to the races several times a game. I call her "Mighty Macy" ("Mighty Mouse" ). Last week I saw her dash under a 6'2" girl's waving arms and pop in a layup. I've never seen anything like that, someone dribbling past by ducking UNDER the opposing player.

The girls team has now won 50 games in a row. Last year, they went 24-0 but the Championship games were canceled because of the Chinese flu. They probably would have lost, because there was another team with an incredible player, coached by the father of the girl I am writing a biography about and they had won 130 games in a row and 7 straight state championships. But that girl graduated last year, so she's no longer a threat. Our girls won the semi-final last night and play for the state championship on Saturday.

Called the high school to see about getting tickets, and Marley, another player on the team, answered. She said they are offering only 600 tickets in the 6000 seat arena (because of covid), first-come, first-serve. Plus each player or band member or cheerleader gets 4 tickets for her parents or other relatives to attend. I wished her good luck. Marley scored 18 of the team's 39 points in their victory yesterday. We usually get 70-90 points, 39 is the season low, probably tournament jitters. But the other team only got 22 points - the girls play in-your-face defense the entire game.

They play for all the championship in Dodge City, which is 300 mile-drive away, so I'm probably not going, but we have live streaming video. I went to a different game in the nearby city, but could also watch our girls team on the cell-phone at the same time. We also have black girl on the team, Maya (the M&M&M girls) she does not live in town, but finagled her way onto the team, probably for the world-class coaching.

Our coach is incredible, he was won 960 games, career, maybe 10th all-time in the nation. He can transform a freshman, chubby snowflake into a senior, power forward, I've seen it happen many times. Maya, Macy, Marley, all the rest, they were okay, now they are all seniors and really good, they draw fouls, they pour in 3-pointers like rain, but can also push their way in for layups. The team has no superstars or tall players, no prima donnas, they really work good as a team.

The air is electric in town here...