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Thread: Moscow eases more restrictions on the bug...

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    Moscow eases more restrictions on the bug...
    when being crammed into the Metro for sure i also was sometimes wondering -what the hell is all that distancing for-. but from the looks of it,OVERALL the restrictions had worked? and we see the results now...

    ( Germany and Austria are following now with - opening light -,a little bit here. a little bit there. hairdressers STILL by appointment only.and OFICIALLY one should show a the immunisation card where all your jabs that you ever had are shown..- Internatinales Impfzeugnis... i got one like that as well).

    hairdressers though worked from -homeoffice -, not allowed. big stink now there because many a policeman or polititian also used their services... a hairdresser squealed. maybe he did not get enough business? yellow rags of curse are having a heyday..
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    Well, there was fall to 1.5K per day, but last 2 days some increase back to 2K.
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