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Thread: The Lancet: "Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine candidate appears safe and effective"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedikt View Post

    maybe someone might think it is funny and we should be just laughing. but maybe the vaccine is indeed also temperature sensitive and should be stored at a certain temperature all times?
    Yes, it was first said that the all the vaccine needed - 18 but it was later found that Sputnik V could be stored at a "warmer" temperature, how much I don't know but I think it still has to be under 0
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    ISRAEL is using all it can get. Pfizer,Modena, AstraZeneca. But NO Sputnik. Austrian Kanzler Kurz is in Israel. Austria wants to produce their own vaccine.Wonder what they will -cook - together. And when it will be ready... Though Hungary,an EU country, will get, or better has already,Sputnik.So has Serbia (a non EU country).And a Viennese Doktor with apparently - good connections in Russia- will bring by himself Sputnik to Vienna and offer it to patients who want it. for a price one would assume?
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