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    2:22 Movie

    This film "2:22" came out in 2017, but I saw it for first time a couple of days ago. It will be more meaningful with a second time watching.

    Leftists may be in even more of a quandary, they gave this film negatives because it is not quickly digestible, but still, altogether it got 5.8 out of 10 on

    Leftism (the political expression of the dogma of the Social Sciences) is constructed on a faulty understanding of the essential nature of mankind. They reside in spiritless 2-dimensional world - a chemical-reaction brain and a biological body. Like trying to explain to a sheet of paper there is more to reality than flatness, X and Y, there is also depth, Z, in life? The sheet of paper will say, "Are you kidding, Jack? There's up and down, and left and right, that's it!" The universe is limited to the conception of the universe.

    Maybe they do see it sometimes, there's hope for everyone, or as the film says: "In everyone's life there comes a time when the universe opens itself for just a few moments to show us what's truly possible."

    I am just happy it's happened to me 4-5 times, when the universe showed me there is more than I had thought and I was able to escape my self-imposed limitations.

    If you can get outside yourself, and look at yourself from outside yourself, then you can understand much easier what others see when they look at you. But if one rejects a spiritual nature, if one limits themself to being a biological being based on chemical reactions, then one can not do something that one postulated as an impossibility.

    Other incredible flicks are "Interstellar" and "Arrival" (2016) (not "The Arrival" which is a Charlie Sheen dog, or Arrival in post-production).

    Which movie leaves you amazed and dazed, wondering about the nature of the universe?
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