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Thread: Now Jeff Bezos is showing how Fascist he is

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    Now Jeff Bezos is showing how Fascist he is

    ‘Big Tech in Bed With US Government’, Manipulating Policy Decisions Slammed as Travesty by Expert

    Amazon offers help to JoeBama but not Trump. Jack Dorsey let antifa run free even promoted them, now he bans them after he doesn't need riots anymore. Cuomo put old with Covid in nursing homes, what did he think would happen, one third of people who died in New York state died in nursing homes. This happened in other states too. They don't care about you, they don't care about how many people die, they don't care about killing people if it helps them gain power. When are you going to realize who the real facist are?
    If you trust the government you obviously failed history class. " George Carlin"

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    When are you going to realize who the real facist are?[/QUOTE]

    one thing is for sure, in many a country special the old people are only useful on an election day. to make their x at the right ( that is THEIR ) thing i will NEVER forget, even that it was n my little oh so democratic and nice Austria.
    It was many years back so i dont remember anymore what election it was.
    but to get the people to the poll stations cars were sent out to collect them with a promise, after a free coffee and a piece of cake, they would be brought back home again. funny though, to go back home all over sudden no more cars were available. only 2 or 3 taxis were people were crammed into,had to pay themselves to get home..
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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