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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedikt View Post
    and do you have IRREFUTABLE proof that wearing a face mask does NOT work?
    Yes, specifically the one that you wear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Wally View Post
    Yes, specifically the one that you wear.
    and which one am I wearing? what am i doing after i return home? how longdo I wear a facemask?
    i am well aware that wird Covid there is no 100% protection. not the vaccinations, not the facemask. no social distancing. and if ONE person gets it at home, the chances are more than good that the rest also will get the bug.
    but everz bit helps. and as -we- say, i see- the big picture - and not only the rag i my face.
    if theb us is full or we are stuck like the sardines in the Metro,we ll make sure that no one is caughing or breathing into or onto each other.
    i don't care what others think. each one should be old and responsible enough to do what THEY think the want to do.
    I do what i think is right. that is MY right to do so. and i will do it as long as it is needed.
    i don't run for every sniffle and caugh to the Klik and demand antibiotics. but neither do i buy ay of the myriad -wonder- cures that are freely available. and plugged to no end. they are for the birds. Flu is something that i just don't know.and there is a reason why it is like that.
    i don't run either for the yearlz tickshots. despite the fact that i am in the park or forest every day with the dogs. there are other ways to get protection. and we use it.
    there are many things that i do or don't. we do what we think is right. as simple as that. and one thing is for sure. we will NOT be included in the daily statistics. might that be hospitalisation.might that be a bunch of machines. or worse, the table and refrigerator in the coroners office.
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