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"Effective 2015 bobcat can no longer be trapped for their fur in California. Bobcats that are harassing or killing pets and livestock, may be killed by the landowner or agent under the authority of a depredation permit. The killing of a bobcat in defense of property or self defense, or defense of another should be reasonable and justified. A person taking such action must have reasonable belief that the bobcat poses a threat of serious physical harm, that this harm is imminent, and the action is the only reasonable available means to prevent that harm."
Armored Attorney Legal-Scheiss:

"Depredation Permits" are IMPOSSIBLE to get in Loony-fornia. And since killing a bobcat without a permit is illegal, that means you are not legally able to defend your life or the life of your child, against a bobcat attack.

"Reasonable and justified" - it seems anyone who is a victim in this type of wild animal attack is never found by the loony-tune environmentalist whack-job bureaucrats to be "reasonable and justified" in defending his life.