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Thread: Left Seeks to Eliminate Family by eliminating "Family Mambers"

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    Left Seeks to Eliminate Family by eliminating "Family Mambers"

    The "Family" is a vital part of the moral foundation of Western Civilization.

    Over the decades, the Left, guided by their Social Scientists engineers, have destroyed the Black Family.

    Now the Media is stampeding the Left/Democrats to completely eradicate that pillar/construct of society, the Family, so they are redefining what a "Family" is by deleting the various parts of the Family.

    On Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic majority proposed to eliminate “father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister” and all other language deemed insufficiently "gender-inclusive” from House rules. They would be ­replaced with terms like “parent, child, sibling, parent’s sibling” and so on.
    The explicit point is to advance “inclusion and diversity” and to “honor all gender identities.”

    Who the hell needs old-fashioned stuff like Morality and Ethics when you can have shiny new values like "inclusion and diversity"? And if you don't believe in "inclusion, tolerance and diversity" then you are an intolerant bigot.
    "Defund the Social Sciences." - Fantastika, 2020

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