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Thread: Austria wants VAT tax from Americans?

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    Austria wants VAT tax from Americans?

    Got this letter from Amazon, where I sell a few items: (I guess they need money, so they want to take some of mine). I did sell a couple of items to Austria, a couple of years back, but it was on Ebay. I canceled my connection to Amazon UK when I noticed they were nicking my bank account for $75 every month for "listing fees", without telling me, and without my signing any contract. If I get any more orders from Europe through Amazon, I will just cancel them. Just what i need, a gang of deranged tax collectors coming after me.

    "Dear Seller,

    Please upload your Austrian VAT Registration Number now on Seller Central to reduce friction on your selling account. ("friction"?)

    Under the Austria Digital Tax Act 2020, Amazon has an obligation to share identity and transactional data on selling partners making sales to Austrian customers with the Austrian Tax Authority. This identity data includes the selling partners VAT registration number in Austria. Amazon may suspend selling privileges to customers in Austria if this is not provided.

    If you are required to be VAT-registered in Austria, provide your Austrian VAT Registration Number on Seller Central by December 31, 2020.

    Provide your VAT Registration Number

    The following non-exhaustive list of transactions are subject to Austria VAT and trigger a VAT registration obligation in Austria:

    You are established in Austria and make taxable supplies in excess of 30k per year
    You are established outside of Austria and store goods in Austria for sale to customers
    You make distance sales of goods to customers in Austria, delivered from another EU country, and the value of these sales exceed 35k in the current or prior year.
    How to review your supplies to Austrian customers on Amazon?
    You can download the Amazon VAT Transactions Report on Seller Central which includes information on all of your supplies. Please navigate through: Reports - Fulfilment by Amazon - Amazon VAT transactions report.

    What to do if you are not required to be VAT-registered in Austria?
    Please provide any VAT registration number held in another EU Member State on Seller Central.

    Find out more about the Austrian Tax Obligation ( link )

    Need help with VAT registration? Please contact a tax adviser (link)

    Amazon Services Europe"
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