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    Atomic Clock

    Does anyone use "atomic clock" in Russia? My friend wants me to send a (wall) clock or (wrist) watch, I can't tell, the words are translated to the same word in Russian!

    This Sharp (Japanese company) atomic clock, I got one at an auction just a couple of weeks ago, for $2. Nobody else at the auction knew what it was. They go at the Walmart for $30-$150. You put the battery in, and press the "reset" button, and the hands revolve until it gets to the correct time. The exact time. It is getting a radio signal from somewhere in the US, and the clock updates itself maybe twice a day, so it always has the correct time, to the precise second.

    It is not, internally, this type of clock, but receiving the signal from a similar clock, I think:

    US and Russia Researchers, Working Together, Make Most Precise Clock Ever

    I wonder they have equivalent type clock in Russia, or if they can pick up signal from US?

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