the article is already from AUGUST.but was today first time in the news. -1e Kanal-.
Why does it always need VV before somethign is done?
First thing he should have fired the Governor and the scumbag who is responsible for -ecological business -. They sit on their fat arses. drive around in still fatter SUVs and amass tons of money through corruption, graft,bribe or plain blackmail.
these fat slobs should be chased out of their cosy offices and work ther out on the site.
Who will do the cleaning? soldiers who have no idea what is going on. what they will find there .and what they most probably will -catch - there.
and that is only ONE such site.

by the way where were all the -Greens- and - nature protectors - who cry about every tree that is being felled? everywhere but out there? well that is sooooo far away...