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Thread: anyone had invested in a -golden passport- in Malta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumple_stilskin View Post
    Your wrote this thread was about investing in foreign countries, but then wrote about medical care in New Zealand and I responded to that.(it was you that went off subject)

    You have a problem reading carefully the facts. I wrote it had been eradicated in New Zealand, and there are no travel restrictions in New Zealand. It has not been eradicated in the rest of the world, and so the travel restrictions from the rest of the world.

    You have not seen anyone full of hate? you don't bother watching on the box recently the low intensity civil war going on in america?

    I don't recall writing that I hope North Korea nuke america, although I likely questioned whether it would be a bad thing.
    Well, I do remember suggesting that it would be a good idea that americans would be banned from leaving america, so that would mean they would likely kill each other rather than travel the world killing everyone else(usually from 30,000 feet). So building the wall was a good idea to keep americans in, rather than others out.

    Oddly enough, we are now in fact in a situation where in fact americans are banned from travelling the world. Totally banned from leaving, possibly more as a result of other countries not allowing entry. Oddly enough, they are in fact turning on each other as I predicted. Is that a bad thing?

    There has been a lot of misery dished out by america, just take Iraq/Syria/Libya/Afghaistan/Iran/Ukraine/Vietnam/Cuba etc etc etc. Don't bother with the lame justification for these actions.
    You just don't like your 'american dreeam' hoax being challenged, and after the misery dished out by america don't be surprised about the number of people worldwide not liking an american presence. You were expecting another response?
    You perhaps should take a break from reading/viewing/listening to the "news".

    Go outside and take a walk and look at things - the trees, the people, the land. It is very beautiful, this planet, and all the people on it.

    Or go to church, any church, mosque or synagogue.

    Or just listen to some wonderful inspirational music, the classics of the 1960's and 1970's, or Beethoven or Tschaikowsky.

    Few people wish to communicate with someone who is always angry, let alone try to understand what he is saying.

    It's not healthy, to be in a state of antagonism/anger/rage, for the body or the mind.
    "Defund the Social Sciences." - Fantastika, 2020

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